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 **Team:** **Team:**
 Andrey Aleksandrov:​ Programming Andrey Aleksandrov:​ Programming
 Joonas Heinonen: Programming,​ sounds Joonas Heinonen: Programming,​ sounds
 Juho Heiskanen: Programming,​ music Juho Heiskanen: Programming,​ music
 Maija Heiskanen: Art/​graphics Maija Heiskanen: Art/​graphics
 Aleksi Kuznetsov: Sounds, programming Aleksi Kuznetsov: Sounds, programming
 Niclas Lamponen: Programming Niclas Lamponen: Programming
 Frans Paasonen: Programming Frans Paasonen: Programming
 Slides: https://​​open?​id=1BmtLGRy9TMVIaffzcYf6RkC0mTigbuMBy3AHkTVbkfc Slides: https://​​open?​id=1BmtLGRy9TMVIaffzcYf6RkC0mTigbuMBy3AHkTVbkfc
 GGJ: https://​​2019/​games/​space-sauna GGJ: https://​​2019/​games/​space-sauna