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Jesus Walks

Jesus Walks is an infinity runner game, created by Bruno CondeKind and Carlos Gonzalez in the Global Game Jam 2017. The game features Jesus as the main protagonist, as he runs across the Atlantic Ocean, in an attempt to get to America.


Two thousand and seventeen years after Jesus' death, he comes back to life, only to realize he cannot bring peace the middle earth east. In a walk of disappointment and misbelief, he picks up a ripped newpaper on the ground, and reads about the new elected president of a land called America. He digs deep into his memories, only to find even more frustration. He doesn't know anything about such land, and wonders: what is this place, and why would anyone give so much importance to it in the promised land?

Since Jesus can't do anything about his former land, now lost to him, he decides to head to this so called America, and fight this new apparent threat. If people are really complaining so much about how a vile man might ruin it, it must be a great place. It is time to make America great again.

Inhaling deeply, Jesus walks to the shore and decides to cross the ocean. Is nature against him? That is for you to find out! Download it here

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