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Trouble in Teekkari Town

It is a game of finding your lost items and getting home safely. Made by a group of 5 beginners and that can be seen in the result. The game is a 2D game with a top-down view. The game starts as the player finds himself outside of a bar, drunk. He has to find his way home, but he has lost his phone, wallet and keys and he has to find and recover them before he can go home to sleep. There are hazards on the way and he might get lost and wake up somewhere else and try to find his way home the next day.


We all had to learn the basics of how pythons Pygame works, since no one of us had used it before, also Sami learned to use the image manipulation program GIMP to create the map. Robert took responsibility of the main functionality of the game and Tuomas and Joona made the Minigames. Otto created the game character and made some of the artwork and Sami created the Map and most of its artwork. Mostly the development was just learning for everyone since no one had made an actual game with graphics before.

End result

The game is a result of five guys doing their first game ever in a bit of a hurry and it resembles just that. It isn't pretty or very engaging experience to play, but it works and after the post-jam updates it has most of the features we intended in the first place. The biggest achievement for our group was to make something that actually works, and we learned a lot while doing it.


Programming: Robert Hämäläinen, Tuomas Mustakallio, Joona Pellinen, Sami Valjakka

Map Design: Sami Valjakka

Graphics: Otto Åhlfors, Sami Valjakka