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Wednesday Dudes proudly present “About laundry and socks”
Gameplay Trailer

Aim of the game
Your sock has escaped from the laundry machine. You have to find it!

Theme of the year
The theme this year was “Lost and found”. After some ideas, we landed on the idea of finding your missing socks that have escaped from the laundry machine. The game needed some elements that were easy to implement for beginners like us so we landed on creating an atmospheric horror game, where your sock is possessed.

The idea was to have the game akin to the Amnesia series, with horror from the atmosphere, without actually showing anything. Aka making the player feel like they're alone. The base gameplay loop is finding the sock that is hiding. Once found the sock moves to another spot. In the final level we wanted to vent out the frustration of finding the sock, so you get a shotgun, do with it what you want.


Because it is easy to use and all of us already had experience with it.

The models were created using Blender, this was done solely by our modeler so no one had to touch Blender.

Free software for audio editing, first search result when typing “free audio editing software” to Google.

Most of the audio is from

Used for version control across the three of us working on the unity project file.

Tips for first-timers

1. Especially in a remote event, a pre-arranged group work way better. It is not impossible to form a team on the spot, but it could get awkward

2. Realistic idea, a functional and complete game is better than just a great idea.

3. However, the idea must be creative too. There is no point in creating a generic FPS if the objective is to create something new and innovative. Somehow you have to balance between this and the previous point.

4. Depending on the level of experience, even the things that seem very simple take a lot of time. Prioritization is therefore important in order to eventually achieve even a MVP = minimum viable product. Thus, the effects and other “bling” should be left out until done with everything else.

5. Do not take it too seriously. Maybe you really are professionals and can seriously compete to win, but at least we were pretty much beginners. Hopefully the endless solving of silly errors and bugs will bring some masochistic joy because this forms most of the work. So don't forget to have fun and interact with the community.

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