Duality of Man

Team Members:
  • Atte Perttola
  • Teemu Kauranen
  • Otso Weckström
  • Ville Martas


Duality of Man is 2D platformer project where the map and character change every few seconds, inverting, among other things, the controls. WARNING! This game contains a degree of flashing lights that may affect some people.

A = go left
D = go right
Spacebar = jump

Inverted Controls:
A = go right
D = go left
Spacebar = dive



Game at the end of FGJ22

Upgrades done to the game after the event

Planned updates:
New levels ✔️
Pause screen ✔️
More mechanics ✔️

It felt like the game could use more mechanics to spice up the gameplay so we decided to add powerups. Add powerups

  • Jump boost - A green square
  • Movement speed boost - A yellow square

Added new level

There can never be too many levels, more gameplay.

How the game looks now

A video demoing the new powerups in the new level: