FGJ CodeCamp 2024 / Student projects web page

Location: 2024 available in Lahti and Lappeenranta

Game Jam CodeCamp / Hackathon event! Participate in the main FGJ event of the year, show what you can do and get your accomplishments recognized with course credits.

A game jam brings together all types of game developers, amateurs, professionals and students to innovate new games in a single special weekend event or a similar short time frame. Typically participants will work in small teams, racing against clock to produce as complete game as possible with limited time and resources, but of course with unlimited creativity.

Course work and participation basic steps

* Registering happens with e-mail ( instructions in www.codecamp.fi )
* Grading will be: Pass/Fail
* Everyone needs to follow the given instructions at the main wiki page (look for PDF document).
* Also, create your team wiki page! ( (at the end of this page, edit an empty project description to reflect your team). Include at a minimum the following
  * Team members (template will be sent to team members by e-mail) 
  * Final results revealing slides (project presentation packet) by 18.2.2024 to TA by e-mail
  * Personal report has to be done by 18.2.2024 and send by e-mail for course TA for validation.
  * Your wiki page with all materials ready and communicated for TA by 29.02.2024
  * Optional, but great: A link to your project in a WebGL format.

Few nice examples from previous years, how to archieve good Look & Feel on the page:

Teeny-Weeny Café: http://codecamp.fi/doku.php/fgj2022/team_2/start
Lost unicorn: http://codecamp.fi/doku.php/fgj2022/team_3/start
THE CUBE: http://codecamp.fi/doku.php/fgj2022/team_4/start
Sole Survivor: http://codecamp.fi/doku.php/fgj2022/team_6/start
Wherewolf: http://codecamp.fi/doku.php/fgj2022/team_9/start

Groups and their TEAM WikiPages

Group Application Name 1 Name 2 Name 3 Name 4 Name 5 Name 6
Team Wool Socks Itchy Wool Socks Game Aino Räkköläinen Leevi Lautanen
Old And Furious Jammers Peter Koprda Rémi Laramas Student Name Student Name
Team LectureTrauma LectureTrauma Daniel Tuukkanen Hannes Turppo Jesperi Laine Santeri Kainulainen
Pikselipiisamit Cats vs Dogs Iida Vaaja Saara Inkinen Joona Isokorpi Ida Kirveskoski Viia Mäntymäki Unna Kalliomäki
happy lucky dog Why I can't fall in love Jing Fan Otto Petäjä Artturi Sivén
SaghettiLagitti SpaghettiLagitti Lauri Heiskanen Teemu Hiltunen Konsta Jalkanen Aleksi Natunen
Baisc Caro Game Quan Nguyen Duc Duong
CC_team_our_name_here_1 Student Name Student Name Student Name Student Name
CC_team_our_name_here_1 Student Name Student Name Student Name Student Name

Add more table lines if those are needed for additional teams!