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Members: Dinara Garifollina, Micky Yun Chan, Haben Birhane Gebreweld, Dmitriy Knyajev

Product: NeatPoll
Services: Survey Platform
Problem: Small business and individuals encounters many obstacles when conducting market analysis. Primarily due to the lack of budget and the lack of the possibility of targeting the studied categories of the population. In addition, there is no single open database of surveys. This creates the problem of wasting time and resources on conducting new surveys. This reduces the effectiveness of research, leads to additional expenditure of human, financial and computing resources. There is also the problem of low involvement of the study groups in survey responses. It also increases the time and cost of data generation.

Solution:A service that allows you to quickly create a questionnaire aimed at a specific group of people. To motivate answers, it is possible to offer a transferable exchangeable reward

Stakeholder Role
Small Business Creates surveys in order to get data;
Offers rewards
Individuals Form survey groups;
Receives rewards

Impact Analysis:
Economical: reducing the cost of market analysis; reducing the waste of produced resources

Environmental: Allows to save resources when conducting repeated surveys. Transferring surveys to an electronic field (Less paper, more digital )

Social: satisfaction from the services received after the business understands the interests of society