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Hello world

Howto build and install graphical application to emulator (code from Nokia). First create a directory for the code. Get the code source. Compile and build .deb package.

mkdir -p MaemoHello
cd MaemoHello
sb2 -eR apt-get update
sb2 apt-get source hello-world-app
cd hello-world-app-2.1
export SBOX_REDIRECT_FORCE=/usr/bin/perl
sb2 dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -d -b

Abovementioed SBOX_REDIRECT_FORCE environment variable is needed if perl libraries is needed (Bug in roostraps) The .deb package will be created in the MaemoHello directory. Next install the package to emulator.

sb2 -eR dpkg -i hello-world-app_2.1_armel.deb 

To run the emulator:

maemo-sdk start gui

The emulator can be stopped with:

maemo-sdk stop gui

The program has many parts (check README), but the main application code can be found from hello-world.c (main function to start the application) and libhelloworld.h and .c (graphical features of the main application).