React.js CodeCamp - January 2018

Week 1, 02.01. - 05.01.2018
Location: At LUT
Start: 02.01.2018 at 4304-05, Time 9.00AM
Topic: React.js & Redux

Course TODO list AKA requiremetns to pass the course

  • A short list of things to cover to pass the course (for the 3 credits):
    • Participation in the Tuesday lectures (starting 9:00, room 4304-05)
    • Participation into Wednesday “project Idea “roasting” session” (room 4304-05, time 16:00 →)
    • Preparing the team and it's members (3-4 persons) presentation slide set (includes the idea of project at least in few lines description format) and have it ready and sent for course teacher before 16:00 Thursday 04.01.2018
    • Prepare team project presentation slide set (needs to be ready and send to course teacher before 14:00 Friday 05.01.2018)
      • Short note, most teams might find it helpful to do drafts of team and project presentations slides and use those already on Wednesday, improve them and return in improved format for the course teacher, in given timetable)
    • Project presentation as a team on Friday afternoon 05.01.2018 (maximum of 15 minutes per a group). (Current timetable for the start is 15:00 at room 4309-4310, slight change that we need to start already on 14:00)
    • Collect for final project code as a Zip file and return it to the course teacher before 15.01.2018 08:00AM.
      • OR publish the code e.g. in Team Wiki page or link to the code material in easily accessible web-page etc.
    • Do a project team Wiki page & project short video (15 seconds to 120 seconds) also both ready on 15.01.2018 08:00AM.
      • Instructions / basic ideas what to include on the webpage have been sent as an e-mail
    • Have the course reflection document written and returned for the course teacher before 19.01.2018 23:59 (detailed instructions shall be given on Friday 05.01.2018)

Course Tools & Helpfull material

Manuals, help and so on:
  • Project presentation could include e.g.
    • Idea, motivation, goals, solutions used, what was actually implemented and so on
    • Also you could consider presenting: Vision, Value proposition, Customer journey (story of a customer using the solution)
    • Benefits of your solution over competition
    • “nice coding trick” that could be handy to others in future
    • Live demonstration of your solution and so on
  • In reflection report, you might want to write about
    • The ideal application flow and features created
    • The user experience aspects considered with the application
    • Showcase(s) of your solutions best features / ideas and explain how they are “cool” and/or useful


Group Application Name 1 Name 2 Name 3 Name 4
Group 1 Kookospähkinät Matias Salohonka Harri Kuittinen Camilla Piskonen Joel Salminen
Group 2 Hoponpoppoo Mikael Sommarberg Julia Tasa Miikka Lahtinen
Group 3 super(props) Kimmo Flykt Simo Partinen Eetu Vierula
Group 4 NameTeamGroup Kuisma Närhi Olli Kousa
Group 5 echo “foo” Jaakko Tuuri Toivo Mattila Tony Vilpponen
Group 6 thinkbad Ville Raukola Miikka Mättölä Roman Hyvönen


I have an exam in Code Camp week ?

You are free to go exam, but code camp in intensive course and idea is to focus coding during the week, so it is recommended you do prepare to any possible exams before the code camp week. You are fully evaluated based on your working during the code camp and please remember, results speak for your group and results tend to take time :).

Grading ?

Grading 1-5 from

  • Idea presentation in wiki: 10%
  • Idea and presentation in Tuesday afternoon session 10%
  • Code camp reflection report 20%
  • Coding of the implementation: 20%
  • Group evaluation done by “non technically trained person” 10%
  • Presented implementation in Friday event 30%
  • Improvement done after Friday is mandatory to pass the course, BUT it can also earn you additional bonus into final evaluation too)
    • and how you report this improvement in the wiki page