The app to connect dogs that need a walk with people who need a dog to walk.

Team members

Member Responsibility
Matias Frontend dev
Camilla UI & visual design
Joel Fullstack dev
Harri Frontend dev & testing

The problem

Sometimes, after coming home from a long day at work or school, walking your dog is not the first thing on your mind. Lot's of people love dogs and would love to walk and play with them, but can't own one (cost issues, commitment/time issues, living space constrictions). There are two groups of people here that could make ends meet.


The goal of this app is to provide:

  • A relief to the workload of walking your dog(s)
  • An opportunity to engage with dogs without having to own one


  • Perform specific searches for dogs based on…
    • Breed
    • Size
    • Colour
    • Location
  • Indicate that you would like to walk a specific dog (“like”/thumbs up a dog!)
  • Make a profile for your dog for potential walkers to see
  • Comments and ratings for walkers
  • Browse walkers that are interested in your dog


The app is built using React.js. We needed multiple views for uploading, registering, login, profiles and filtering/searching, so we included React-router to make a single-page-app. The data visible is demo data, because the application is not integrated into the backend. Several UI packages were used, which include checkbox-group, image upload & preview, and dropdown menus.

The app is divided into 5 main views: search/filter, upload, profiles, login, and register. Additionally there are views for every walker profile.

Future development

Currently the app has been developed with computer screens, so design and responsive layouts for mobile and tablet devices are not tested and supported (but the narrow layouts fit narrower screens already). This platform is about connecting people (and their dogs) and as such social media integration is something that would benefit it greatly.

- money making - chat - like/dislike ratings - walker profile descriptions - backend integraton

Improvements made based on feedback

  • UI ease of use was improved by making all interactable elements larger, including:
    • Dog and profile cards
    • Buttons
    • Input fields
    • Dropdown menus
    • Navigation links
  • An about-page was added that has a basic description of the application, team info and a contact form
  • Filtering and navigation were redesigned with examples from other popular websites/applications


Introduction presentation dog_walking_app.pptx

Project repository https://gitlab.com/salohonka/dogapp/

Final presentation final_presentation.pptx