Project - OneStopFlicks

OneStopFlicks is a service/application that provides a possibility to search movies/series from variety of 3rd party services with a single search.

Usage demo video: Onedrive (mp4)

Features included

  • Searching for movies & series (uses placeholder data at the moment)
  • List of popular items by default (uses placeholder data at the moment)
  • Single page app
  • A simple UI: Easy and clear to use on every platform tested
  • Responsive: Looks good on both mobile and desktop/laptop (smartwatches etc not tested)

Features not included

Features we came up with but decided not to include in the project during the intensive week but that could be added later:

  • Including Netflix, HBO and others: We decided to leave this out for now since other services already exist.
  • Reminder services: This is more a back end-feature and so is outside the scope of a React-project.


The app is built with React.js

In the future

Features we think would be important to add to the app:

  • Using real data from the services


The project is available on GitHub here:

Team echo "foo"

The team members for our team are Toivo Mattila, Jaakko Tuuri and Tony Vilpponen. Below are the presentations presented.