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Simple user-oriented like solution, that offers the user list of all restaurants near Skinnarila campus conveniently in one place. The site has also filters for name and diet based queries.


Miikka Mättölä User interface
Roman Hyvönen Data management
Ville Raukola User controller


  • Conveniently see food selection near Skinnarila
  • Filter restaurants menus
    • By keywords
    • By diets
    • Supports multifiltering
  • Save filters in cookies


As our primary tools we used

  • React JS
  • Bootstrap
  • Git


In future we are going to focus on on adding features by implementing our own back end, as the currently used API is very limiting and somewhat unintuitive. With own back end we can implement features like:

  • Prices of meal
  • Filtering by prices
  • Show results for many upcoming days
  • Allow user to select specific items and get notified when they are served
  • Live update on how filled the restaurants are (would require some cooperation from restaurants side)
  • Create our own API for campus restaurants to register themselves leading to support of multiple cities