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I look for great 'LUT Software, Mech Eng and possibly Environmental Eng. students to partake in the exciting *SHIP Disruption Camp 2017'. We prefer students close to or within their final year of study.

Number of seats 9 seats for SW. eng. students 6 seats for Mech. Eng students 2 seats for Environmental Eng. students (these you probably don't have)

Place: Kotka, Finland 'Time: 'May 14-26 2017 'Accommodation: 'Housing, food and transport included. Housing location: 'Credits: '5 ECTS *SHIP Disruption Camp (credits depending on home university's policies). STÅ: Can stay in ASE.

Info material:

  1. First see the 2 minutes Camp movie here:' '
  2. For Flyer: Print the one pager FLYER from file #1 attached
  3. For deeper knowledge: Read the behind the scene info from file #2 attached
  4. Course Description, read file #3 attached
  5. If fun for you - find the 2 week draft of the camp programme as file #4

Camp Purpose: The purpose of the camp is to train startup, entrepreneurship and business disruption in close collaboration with the companies involved:

  • Google, Ahlstrom, Andritz, City of Kotka, Kotkan Energia, Kotkamills, Kymdata, NitroID, Osuuspankki, Produal.

About the camp: The camp hosts 44 student seats from 7 different disciplines (engineering, business, design, journalism, photo/video communication, marketing and organization psychology).

Masterclasses, lectures and facilitators from a.o.:

  • MIT Sloan School of Management (Leader of comm. team, professor Neal Hartman),
  • Google facilitators and team developers,
  • Former US ambassador to Finland: Bruce Oreck, super entrepreneur.
  • Cranfield University director for Bettany Center for Entrepreneurship: Shailendre Vyakarnam
  • XAMK UAS MBA facilitators.
  • Erik Krisitiansen, founder at BRAINS.

More information and attachments: