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Sinan Kaplan

Niklas Nygren

Lassi Riihelä

Joni Herttuainen

Tatu Kosonen


- Saving energy by turning off heating/lighting when leaving the apartment.

- Inputting the time you are away from the apartment so that the heating is turned completely off and turned back on before you return.

- Shut down standby devices when no one's home.



- People leave lights on all the time when leaving the house which is a waste of energy.

- Houses are normally heated 24/7 which is also a waste of energy when no one is there.

- Devices on standby (tv, computer, phone charger) consume unnecessary power when not used.

- Addressing these 3 energy problems is going to save lots of energy/money.

- Calculating the cost of the devices and the savings that come with them.

Devices left on standby:

  • TV 0.3w
  • Audio system 10w
  • Desktop computer + 1 screen 4w /notebook 9w
  • Speaker (computer) 1.8w
  • Microwave oven 3w
  • Coffee maker 1w
  • Phone charger 0.3w
  • Printer (inkjet) 1.3w
  • Induction cooker tops 7.1w
  • Washing machine 3w

Total: 34.8w

9h(work) + 8h(night)=17hours on standby on weekdays 8h on weekends

Total electricity savings:214 kWh in a year. With 15.5 c/kWh electricity price amounts to 33,2e saved in a year.

Cost of equipment to acquire:

HomeMatic wireless configuration adapter LAN, 78.09e x1 = 1w

HomeMatic Wireless dimming actuator, 42.99e x2 = 2x1w

2.6kWh per year= ~0.18e

Total: 164.07e

Features of the solution:

List of features here:

1. Automatically turn off all standby devices connected to HomeMatic switches when you leave the house by noticing when the users phone leaves the houses Wifi range.

2. Heating is automated by timer to turn the heating off during work hours.

3. Lights turned off when the phone isn't on Wifi range.

4. Able to modify the heating thermostat timer if you will be away for more than just work (for example holidays).

Implemented Solution:

Devices we have

  • HomeMatic Funk-Dimmaktor 1-fach / Wireless dimming actuator
  • HomeMatic Wireless Configuration Adapter LAN
  • Lamp bulb
  • HomeMatic Wireless Display Push-Button

Presenting a home automation protocol: Z-Wave

  • Z-Wave is a RF(radio frequency) control protocol designed to achieve reliable communication and operation between different products from different manufacturers.
  • Operates in the 900MHz band which is impervious to interference from Wi-fi and other wireless technologies like Bluetooth.
  • Enables the control of lighting, electrical outlets, fans, shades, drapes, irrigation, thermostats, security systems, door locks and more.
  • Control available from various platforms: wireless keyfob, wall mounted keypad, internet connected tablet/phone/computer.
  • Z-Wave devices create a mesh network, with every device acting as a repeater for information. If one device fails the information is routed through another device.
  • Over 1400 interoperable products available from over 330 manufacturers, over 40 million products in use worldwide.
  • More detailed information can be seen here


More detailed information for the solution: codecamp_report_thebestest.pdf

Configuration Files

Fhem Server configuration files: