Code Complete and Demo

Code Complete

Complete Code

  • On thursday evening freeze the functionalities to code and finish current code.
  • Complete the code to friday morning. Check it is working for demonstration.

Complete group wiki pages

Into your group page

  • Name of your application and group member names.
  • Idea
  • Service: list of functionalities
  • Screenshot(s) of your application. Use firefox.
    • Resize the images into reasonable size, you can use ?300 (300 pixels) definition after the wiki image file name.
  • Implementation: vaadin coding, what things you used from vaadin and from other libraries
  • Software
    • Make Package and upload it to wiki
  • vaadin Review
    • List widgets (or components) you have used
    • List of impressive things you had in coding
    • List of problems you encountered in coding application


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