Group 7: Pedro Finance


Pedro finance is a portfolio/stock management system is an web application that taps on financial information/ sources to provide users with their personalized access & monitoring of their financial investments. Pedro Finance was developed by:

  • Bishal Karki
  • Were Oyomno

Functions Map

Function Desired Features Implemented
Login/Logout 5 X
Tabulate Portofios 5 X
Tabulate Stocks 5 X
Edit Porfolios/Stocks 4 X
Retrieve realtime tradings 3 X
Sort Porfolios/stocks 1 X
Depict trading graphics 3 X
Link with numerous externals 2 -
Notification 3 -
Predictions 2 -
All stock markets values 2 -

Importance 1 - 5

X : Implemented

- : Not fully implemented


In the course of the implementation a number of complications arose, these included

  • Authentication failure with Google API
  • Restrictions on the accessible stock markets
  • Need to rely on numerous 3rd party libraries often with similar functions
  • Specific widget allowing a particular table row to be highlighted

Screen shots

As application evolves so does its image transform. As a reference we keep track of it screen shots in those stages


howto guide

  • To run/use the application once its online
    • Provide Username & password OR registers - before login in.
    • Once logged in you can select your specific portfolios from the left hand table
    • On selecting the particular porfolio - stocks in it as well as are displayed on the right hand side
      • also the porftolios details are detailed below that
      • Graphical depiction of the stocks are also displayed on the extreme right hand side
    • On selecting a particular stock the details are detailed below as well as below the portfolio graphics
    • You can edit, search , create, sort and delete stocks & portfolios too
    • Once finished you can log-out from the top

Widgets utilized

  • Table
  • Forms
  • Panels
  • SplitPanels
  • Buttons
  • Embedded browser
  • DB4o