Group 8


  • Adomako T Joshua
  • Ahmadi Fatemeh
  • Sabuka Stewart R


Centralized Job Application → Its an online application which simplifies and centralized the job application procedures for companies and job seeker. The idea is when the job seeker and the companies are registering to the application and job seekers are giving the privilage to have their own profile which consist of their CV. Companies are also given the access to view all job seekers CV application and contact the applicatnt if he/she is qualified and more valuable to the company. Both job seeker and company are able to update their information. Both job seekers and companies must register to the application by providing their basic information and selecting an username and a password. After registration is complete and registration form submitted, companies and job seekers can the access to the inner application by entering their username and password. Job seeker then will view the VC form which needs to be filled up and submit. The companies can then view the list of CVs from the different applicants. The applicant can always go back to the account and update the CV and submit again. This application make it easier to the job seekers to find the job that is more suitable to their position and skills. Companies are then searching and looking for the applicant whome fit to their needs.


  • Online application
  • Brings both Job seekers and Companies in one place
  • Make it easier for the Job seekers to access the Uptodate CV format
  • Finding a job easier than ever
  • Finding the right applicants
  • Encouraged more applicants to register


1. Job Seeker

  • Job Seeker's Registration Form→ New applicant, shall register to the system by providing the basic information and selecting a username and password.
  • Login/ Logout→ after registration, user can then login and access to the CV form.
  • Job Seeker's CV→ A form (CV form)is waiting for the loggedin user to be completed and submitted.
  • Update CV → applicant can always go back to the CV and update it.
  • Delete CV→ applicant can also delete all the existing information from his/her CV form.

2. Companies

  • Companies's Registration Form → companies can first register to the system before viewing the CVs.
  • Login/ Logout→ after registration, companies can login to their account.
  • Update Companies Profile→ companies can also update the information they have had inputted to the system while registering.
  • Delete Companies Profile→ companies can delete the information from their profile.

3. Extra Feature

  • Connecting the application to the companies homepage

Team Achievement

   1. Job Seeker
* Login/ Logout
* Registration Form
* CV Form
* Profile
  2. Companies 
* Login
* Registration Form



  • Window
  • Button
  • Form
  • Field
  • TextField
  • VerticalLayout
  • Label
  • DateField
  • Menu
  • MenuBar
  • Sizable
  • DateField
  • Item
  • LoginForm
  • Notification

Software Running

  • Downloade the Zipped File from the section below (Problem with downloading)
  • Save it in the target area
  • Unzip the file
  • Open Eclipse
  • From the Menu bar select File
  • Select New
  • Select Vaadin Project tab to make a new Vaadin Project
  • Name the project as JobApplication
  • From the menu bar, select File
  • Select Import
  • Locate the unzipped file
  • And Import the whole package
  • If any Error occur, Check for the File and class names.
  • Run the project

Software Package


Work With Vaadin

  1 List of impressive things during coding  
* Vaading is the powerful Java Framework
* It provides UI and the components that gives a new look to the system
* Its flexible
* Windows, Login windows, Menubars are so usefull and suitable
  2 List of problems encountered when coding
* Vaadin Requires more times to be familiar with
* We had face the Tomcat problems. Keep refreshing the page and writing **?restartApplication** to run the project.
* We had problems showing another application components from an existing application
* Team had difficulties creating Windows that could access the other application componenrts
* Team had **No** technical Vaadin experince

Team Feedback

With all the difficulties we were facing with during the implementation, team discoverd this course and project so challanging. Team planned to get more familiarities to the Vaading environment as well as knowing more Vaading components and its used. Team focused was on adding more valuable knowledge from this IDE and gain coding experince in one week. This was a big impression to the team to increase the programing skills and knowledge. Team appriciate this course to show a new world to them.