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Installing Maemo Development Environment

Installation instructions

If you want to use your own computer at Code Camp, you can install Maemo SDK+ by following Install notes at Maemo SDK home site. Installation instructions are provided for Ubuntu and Debian distributions. For Ubuntu 9.04, correct repository for packages is:

  deb ubuntu-jaunty free

In section 3.1, instead of installing sudo maemo-sdk install tools etch-2008, install newer tools with command sudo maemo-sdk install tools lenny-2009-1. For the rootstrap, select diablo4.1.2 (section 4.1)

To enable the usage of Internet Tablet via USB/Bluetooth/WLAN install host-pc-connectivity -package, see instructions from

Additional tools and utilities

Xephyr nested xserver

Xserver-Xephyr 1.6.0, shipped with Ubuntu 9.04 is crashing with Maemo SDK+ environment. Therefore, for Ubuntu 9.04 users, downgrading to 1.5.2 is necessary.

Install with command

dpkg -i xserver-xephyr_1.5.2-2ubuntu3_i386.deb

System update is trying to re-install newer version. It can be prevented by putting following lines into /etc/apt/preferences

Package: xserver-xephyr
Pin: version 1.5.2*
Pin-Priority: 1001

Eclipse IDE

JAVA runtime is required for running Eclipse IDE. To develop applications for Maemo with Eclipse:

Alternative 1

  1. Install Eclipse Ganymede
  2. Add sites to Eclipse:

Alternative 2

Install self-contained Maemo development package, branded ESBox.

ESBox installation instructions

- Install Java runtime, if not installed - download and unzip necessary .zip packages of esbox 2.0.0M5 (beta 2 prerelease) from garage project page, one zip ending with and one for the specific system, e.g. - run esbox from unzipped folder