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Team members

  • Elodie Boulhol
  • Simon Eudeline


Link to the FJG2022 page of our game : NightHunt

Our game at the end of the event, before the upgrade plan :


NightHunt is a 2D old school game in which you embody Tim, a treasure hunter that follows the research of his deceased grandfather. The goal is to find the two keys of a hidden chest on a map, which are protected by monsters or water. In order to achieve this, you will need to collect some of the orbs that you can find on the map which will help you by giving you fireballs to throw, or by freezing water for example.


The upgrades we planned to do for the upgrade plan was to:

  • Fix little bugs
  • Add a story for the character of the game
  • Add two new levels
  • Add two new power orbs

We successfully managed to do all of these upgrades before the deadline.

Our game after the upgrade plan : Link to presentation video

Link to our github repository