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The project

Our idea was to use the MindWave mobile to fill in a sudoku using MindWaves blinking detector. We thought that the MindWave mobile could improve the experience of filling in a sudoku with mobile by offering a bigger sudoku table and larger cells for numbers on an already small mobile screen by getting rid of the keyboard used in selecting numbers.

We decided to use matlab as our programming language as that was the programming language our team had the most experience in. Reading the MindWaves inputs proved to be a little more challenging than we would have liked. We needed to downgrade our matlab 64bit version into a 32bit version in order to get a library, dedicated to reading MindWaves inputs, working.

Our second challenge was to get the MindWave blink detector working with our sudoku program. This proved out to be the most challenging part of the project and we just simply didnt have enough time to get it working properly.