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Office work out, is an app that was developed for an insurance company to increase the interactivity and health by increasing the willingness to participate in working out, the proposed solution was done to boost the productivity of the company’s employees. All the work was done in LUT lab.


Our application should encourage people who work at office to take short breaks from their work and use them to exercise. Both actions were proved to have significant positive effect on people's health.


Though the positive effect of taking short breaks when working in office is undeniable, it is difficult to remember to actually take these breaks. And it is even more challenging to use the breaks to exercise. Our goal is to remind people when it is time to take a break and to motivate them to improve their health with very simple, yet effective, exercise. The set of exercises is designed specifically for people working in office. It aims at the most common office-related health issues and most of the exercises are discrete enough to practice at your desk.


Office workout is the ultimate app for office employees having various objectives:

  • Get rid of boring office routines during the office break.
  • Utilize the office break in healthy activity.
  • Keep the employees physically fit at work.
  • Motivate the employees to get points on each workout stage and make their meatball happy.


This app consist on a numbers of features to get rid boring hours in office by doing some healthy workout and stretching activities. The recommended length of pauses is 5-10 minutes after each hour of work. Our set of exercises takes approximately 6 minutes. The activities are categorized as:

50s eye exercise: Move only your eyes, not your head. Look up, then look down. Each time hold for 10s. Close your eyes, then look to your right as far as you can, then look to your left. Hold each position 10s. Close your eyes.

15s neck stretch: Sit tall. Keep face forward, place your left hand on your right ear and tilt your head to the left. Hold 10s. Slowly make a half-circle motion, starting at the left, moving downward, and finishing at the right. hold 10s. Do not tense or hunch shoulders.

10s shoulder relaxation: Sit with good posture. Roll your shoulders 3 times in a forward direction. Do the same in a backward direction.

20s carpal tunnel prevention: Stretch arm out with palm down. With other hand, pull fingers down. Hold for 10 seconds.

140s legs & abs exercise: Hold your abdominal muscles tight. Extend one leg until it is level with your hip. Hold for 10 seconds. Slowly lower leg. Repeat 7 times. Change legs.

60s arms exercise: Lift the table. Put your hands under the table. Press up against the table.

60s arms exercise: Push the table into the floor. Put hands on table, palms down. Press down as strongly as you can.

The application was designed to be easy to use. In the picture below is the welcome page.

The Guid Book is a user guide for the application. Track page allows the user to see daily statistics of distance he/she walks at work.

In the settings, the user sets his/her working hours and whether he/she wants to be reminded with an alarm. Even though it is recommended to pause every hour, we understand that this might feel unconvinient for some people. Therefore, we included an option to choose the frequency of pauses. After setting this, the user is reminded by notifications in the interval he/she has set.

The user is then prompted to do the set of exercises. Each exercise has a timer to show the progress.

To make the user more enthusiastic about the exercise, we included a simple character - Meatball. The user collects points for each exercise and the more points he/she has, the happier Meatball is. On the other hand, when the user skips the exercises, he/she loses points and risks that his/her Meatball will become unhappy. The stages are shown below.


We have divided our technology part into two parts front-end and back-end development.

Front-end Development:

For front-end, Ionic framework is using along with HTML and CSS. As HTML and CSS are essential part for web and mobile application. For slicing images or editing images, Adobe-Photoshop has been used.

Back-end Development:

For back-end, we have used Angularjs along with Backand service. AngularJs is very power JavaScript library mostly used for Back-end development during hybrid mobile application. It suits all the platform.

Business Case

Office workout is Ultimate App for the office staff to boost up the productivity of the company’s employees by utilizing the 10 minutes from the office break. Future releases of the office workout will allow the user more advanced features including sharing and tracking modules.

Features For Future Releases

  1. Tracking users activities by integrating mobile phone sensors data.
  2. Implementing a status feature to allow the users to monitor their progress by displaying statistics
  3. implement calories calculator based on the steps users make daily
  4. Registration functionality to save the data and future business plans.


Grateful appreciation to Anti Kanutas and LTC Osto Team, for giving us opportunity to work on office workout. Continuous guidance from Anti Kanutas during code camp was really motivated us.

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