Group 16

Group Member Main Responsibility
Harri Johansson Location Services
Antti Knutas Web Services
Tommi Kähkönen Map GUI

Real time SVN statistics


In essence, LunchMagnet is a location aware ad-hoc social networking service. This means that it enables the fast gathering of people around unplanned or unscheduled activities like for example inviting friends nearby to have lunch with you. The program does this by connecting to a web service for friend discovery, and uses the Android location services for both discovering your own location and calculating the distance.


1 = most critical or core .. leats citical or core feature

Feature Priority
Main GUI 3
Location Services 3
Web Service Connectivity 3
Visual map display 2
Interactive friend lists 2
Event invites 2
Extended social networking functionality 1

Mini Goals

  1. Main GUI prototype
  2. Getting location services prototype
  3. Coding test web service


See the report PDF for the UML diagram.

Screen shots

Implementation Comments

The service consists of two parts: A mobile software program that runs on the Google Android platform, and a Java Web Service whose network interface has been implemented as a servlet.



LunchMagnet runnable packages

Note: The program requires that you run the included web service.

LunchMagnet source codes

How to run

Install GlassFish, J2EE and consult the included README file in the zip.

Conclusion of your work

There were a great amount of code camp spirit among the software team. The used tools and techniques were very suitable for the project but all the members also learned a lot and identify those things that could be done better in future projects. The software team reached the goal that was set during the first day of the code camp and the result of this is a fully functional Android application.