**Team Kebab-Sauna inc.**

Group members

  • Tomi Kosonen - Adamant specialist and hard-working pioneer

  • Timo Hynninen - Jaded assistant and devilish coder

  • Annika Markku - Market oriented goofy and planning witch



Plan and implement a game for android

  • Easy enough to be easily played
  • Used by touch screen


Addictive and simple game to spoil our exam weeks

  • No too hard, no too much actions
  • Scores –> addiction



  • No Pacman, but a university student with guild's overalls (red, blue, orange, green, black, gray, white, yellow)
  • Task is to “drink” beer or something like that
  • “Bad guy”, the opponent is a student from other guild
  • Bad guy does not hurt the player, but it drinks the beers also

Questions from the idea

  • How does the drunkeness effect? Or does it at all?


Game will implemented turn-based, because it's easier to control the opponent NPC character with turns.

Character: model Teemu Teekkari
Picture: Includes 4 different poses, beer pint and kebab

Version Cluster

Version Kaplaaki

Version KRK

Version Enklaavi

Version Armatuuri

Version Pelletti

Version Ketek

Version Sätky

Kebab ja olut


Add screenshots

Start screen, without buttons

Compare PACMAN Menu window


Add code.


Add presentations.

Idea presentation, friday - eka_esitys.odp
Final presentation, sunday - final_esitys.odp
Poster -

Helper code (starting a game from a menu activity, from the maze example)

package com.jforeach.mazegame;

import android.app.Activity;
import android.content.Intent;
import android.os.Bundle;

public class Game extends Activity {
	public void onCreate(Bundle bundle) {
		Intent intent = getIntent();
		Bundle extras = intent.getExtras();
		Maze maze = (Maze)extras.get("maze");
		GameView view = new GameView(this,maze);
		//MainThread mainThread = new MainThread(view);

Source code


  • Yay a game in less than two days!
  • Android is a shit platform.
  • Eclipse is a shit IDE.
  • Java is a shit language.
  • I've got very little positive to say about anything.
  • The pen I just broke by taking it apart is fucking amazing.
  • We really need better chairs here, these are incredibly uncomfortable.