Group 4. ROCK ON

  • Madan Kadariya
  • Manish Thapa
  • Nana Assyne


Project is named “Rock On”.The user of application can use this application to get information about the concert happening soon near to their city so that they would not miss once in a life time opportunity sometimes ;).

The initial idea is some small application that can help user to get information about concert shows available in the city. The user can view information about the available concerts, listen to music previews of artist…….(and may be more later). The user can use the information available from the application to book the tickets.

System Requirement

1. Nokia N810 Internet Tablet
2. Maemo environment

Programming Language Used

1. C

Sound Files Used

1. Format: .wav,.mp3
2. Sound Samples free ring tones from web (Sound files are inside(Project package) : group04_rock_on_tar.gz)


A fine working prototype for a thought idea is developed using C in Maemo environmment. Simplicity, User Experience is tried to keep on mind while implementing .:) as a summerschool benefit :D. Though the data presented now is static, we may had looked at dyanamic and real data too if we have had a bit more time.

Project Source Code(“Rock On” group04) : group04_rock_on.tar.gz

Future Work

1. Use of dynamic content is more appropriate.

2. Ticket booking would be added.