Group 6

Janne Parkkila - 0303159

Johannes Tattari - 0293188

Rostislav Malevich - 0312328


(not so) Massive Virtual Multiplayer Roleplaying Game

A location based social mafia game.

The idea of the game is to gain control over different real world locations. Users can take over areas by walking to a certain location and battle against the current owner.


Feature Priority Status
Google maps 1 OK
Showing locations of interest on the map 1 OK
Show the location of the user on the map 1 OK
Combat (just the logic) 1 OK (*1)
Showing data of the locations when clicked 2 OK
Calculating distance between player and the location 2 OK
Combat animations with OpenGL ES 2 OK
Informing other members of families of lost/gained areas 3 OK
Customizable characters 3 OK (*2)

(*1) Working, but not shown on the screen currently.

(*2) Combat actually takes into account different weapons and armors the Goons are wearing.

Google Maps


  • Locate User on the map
  • Show the area ownerships

Mini Goals

[19.3 - 09.15] Finally fixed the problems, created the final dialog to show own stats

[19.3 - 08.30] New Problems found! Trying to fix them

[18.3 - 23.54] The combat is finally working with the map! TIME FOR CELEBRATION!

[18.3 - 17.30→ ] Trying to integrate the combat with the map

[18.3 - 17.20] Able to move Goons from henchmen to area defenders

[18.3 - 16.00] Finally able to change the ownership of and area

[18.3 - 15.00] Combat working with openGL ES graphics

[16.3 - 15.30] Draw circle on current location on the Google map

[16.3 - 13.30] To get GPS tracking to work. - Completed 15.50


  • Map - Done and working [15.00]
  • Point of interests on the map - Working somewhat [16.00]
  • Areas of points of interest - Not implemented yet
  • Combat (Alpha version) - Nothing [by tuesday]
  • View Switching (From map to combat) - Not implemented on tuesday


  • Character Creation - Not implemented during Wednesday
  • Combat (Beta version) - Alpha Version with OpenGL graphics implemented (19.00)
  • Game Logic - None whatsoever


  • Game Logic - Completed (15.00)
  • View Switching between map and combat - Working … “kinda”
  • Combat - Working (15.00) [ADDED 23.54 - WORKING COMPLETELY!!!!]
  • Startup screen - Completed (16.00)
  • Own stats on the game screen


  • Nice Pictures of Locations - Not enough time to get them
  • Recorded video demo of the game - Not available because time restrictions
  • Slides [!IMPORTANT!] - Done (9.30)
  • Finish the Wiki - Still working … partly done at (11.00)
  • Knock yourself out! (ACC - After CodeCamp) -


Screen shots

Main menu screen Map screen with a information dialog Fighting! Player status dialog

Implementation Comments



How to run

Unzip. Import project to eclipse.

Conclusion of your work

Some important comments about the work.

  • We did not have enough experience on graphics programming (openGL ES) so we should have just let that go in the first place
  • Again next time, should not try to do such a big thing in few days
  • Even more features are done complete under the hood, but they are not yet shown on the game screen (so the only thing missing is few notification boxes and options dialogs)

About Android


  • Easy to program
  • Pretty good tutorials available on the internet (although some were outdated)


  • Drawing the squares/rectangles to google maps to show the areas of control
  • Google API tutorials were as good as one could have hoped for
  • OpenGL ES lack of good tutorials
  • Emulator not working properly with the coordinates (not being able to send correct coordinates from eclipse to emulator)