Group 1

Group Member Main Responsibilities
Rami Leiman Project Leader
Joonas Kylmälä Knowledge of JavaScript
Samuli Repo Common knowledge


Project name is LutMotion. We are making demo on Gadget Camp 2014 in Lappeenranta University of Technology. Our gagdet is Leap Motion. We are building plane for usage of Leap Motion in a game. Plan is to produce a virtual reality game environment to use Leap Motion. Game is called LeapInvaders. Graphics will be chanced and sounds also. Usage of hands in moving shooter and using hand down for shooting a cannonball.


Day Plan A
Friday Group forming, Find out what is going to be our demo, Sauna
Saturday Coding, making Demo, making video,
Sunday Coding, Presentation, Report about the GagdetCamp and our project 2014


All members are seriously interested in World of Gagdets. Leap Motion is wonderful gagdet. We are enthuastic about futuristic interfaces. All members are with different background. This is great functionality for workable team.


  • Use Leap Motion for user activity
    • Handmovement detection
    • Simplicity
  • Fun Time
    • Plan is to make application with humor.
  • Support
    • Email for support: samuli.repo@lut.fi
    • Github repository for source underneath


JavaScript for coding. Possible using available scripts with some of modification.

Screenshots and other pictures

Some graphical changes and fixes have been made to the final release, watch the demo video!

Software Poster

Demo video, presentation and project report



https://github.com/Juunas/Leap-Invader Github

http://1drv.ms/XLN6sA here you can download game package