Team members

Group 0

Student Number Member Name Main Responsibility
0358674 Esa-Petri Tirkkonen Programmer
N/A Patrik Kukkonen Documentation
406403 Yongyi Wu Coordinator


The basic idea is that we will use Neurosky Brainwave Headset as an input device to play a simple game. The headset can catch human brainwave signals to control elements in the game. The purpose of this project is to create (mostly) hands-free game and as well as to show how cool the gadget is!

Result of coding was a space shooter, whit dificulty changing by users mental state. Project was bassed on Unity tutorial( on how make a space shooter and modified from it. about 18 hours were used in total to make program.


Date Activities
01.08.2014 Forming group, Choosing gadget, Split tasks, Creating ideas
02.08.2014 Designing game rules, Writing documents, Coding
03.08.2014 Coding, Doing presentation


Demo video, presentation

Source code

ziped unity project folder all recourses in are limited only by Unity copyrights(which in this case is free for game development). Project is coded whin unity 4.5.2f1 version.

link to project file:

link to executables: