Group members

  • Kalle Kareinen
  • Rasmus Halsas
  • Lassi Riihelä


The initial idea was to make a sailfish app similar to the website . Unfortunately “liberation” of data wasn't approved, so we went back to the drawing board. Even though is full of interesting data e.g “Kaarinan kaupungin tiedotteet” we still couldn't come up with an idea. Luckily one of the most common smalltalk subject saved us: weather! The goal was to make Finlands weather app.


We wanted to create simple but practical weather app. It had to be easier to use than the ones we found in Jolla Store.


You can search the weather conditions , 6-day forecast for every Finnish city and view average temperature and precipitation in the shape of Finland. On the cover of the application is shown the selected city's weather for the current day and by swiping the next days forecast.


QML javascript XML

open data: openweathermap.orgs open data and finnish meteorological institutes open data



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Demo video