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TEAM Members

Group Member Student Number
Mansoureh Rousta 0444957
Ibrahim Olanigan 0444821
Veronica Morales g0404557
Manuel Delgado 0385595

What is Sport Finder

To search for a place where to practice your favourite sport is now easy, fun and possible for everybody. Using Open Data from the city of Lappeenranta people can search for all kind of possible facilities by type and see where are they located in a map. With Sport Finder it's possible to find all the events that will take place in the area of Lappeenranta. Anyone has the right to create an event that will take place in one of the public places that Lappeenranta offers for everybody. The main purpose of this creation is to make people more interested of sports, to show to everybody all the available possibilities to practice sport in the city and to encourage people to create event and gather with friends to practice sport in group.


Sport Finder is a web application mobile friendly developed during the Open Data and Green IT CodeCamp in Lappeenranta University of Technology.

The main reason why group 1 wanted to develop this project is because we wanted to take Open Data to the next level: to lead the data to the users as information. We are all interested on different sports and we have had difficulties finding a place in the city where to practice them.

The purpose of Sport Finder is to make for the users easy to find all the facilities the city offers to practice sport. Giving the information to the customer in an easy way as an application makes him or her be more interested on exploiting the sport areas and consequently practice more sport. The users can see the facilities listed and located in the map to have more possibilities to end going to practice sport because we eliminate the excuse of not knowing how to arrive to the place.

Another feature Sport Finder offers is the possibility to create events in any of the Sport facilities in the city area. Users can create an event that will be shown in the web as public for letting people join if they want. This feature has been added to the application thinking mainly of those people that would like to practice a team sport and they don’t have the enough participants, for people that feel lonely or for people that just want to have a nice time and meet other people. With this functionality we want to solve some social problems and make people interact with each other making some nice activity that they will enjoy.


S/N GOAL Implemented
1 Implement Google Maps API Yes
2 Show the facilities Yes
3 Create events Yes
4 Modify events Yes
5 Delete events Yes
6 Responsive Website Yes
7 Participate on the events using social networks No
8 Send confirmation after creating an event No
9 Control the amount of assistants to events No
10 Show the events in the map No


  • IDE: Cloud9
  • Node.js
  • Express framework
  • MongoDB
  • Mongoose
  • Google Maps API
  • Bootstrap

Data Sources

Here you can find all the information about all the places in Finland where you can practice different sports.


Presentation and Report


API and Sample response


Sample response
["Unsupervised beach",
 "Ski jumping hill for training"]


Response for Athletics field
[ { Name: 'Joutsenon urheilukentta',
    Type: 'Athletics field',
    XWGS84: 28.5057,
    YWGS84: 61.1126 },
  { Name: 'Kimpisen yleisurheilustadion',
    Type: 'Athletics field',
    XWGS84: 28.1985,
    YWGS84: 61.0628 } ]


[ { "Title":"Golf with friends",
    "Description":"We will play golf for 2 hours, bring your own material!",
    "Place":"Golf training area",
    "Address":"Golf Field",
    "Access":true } ]

Day 1, Monday

- First project idea

  • Bus stop (Already developed)

- New project idea

  • Sport Finder
  • Sport events in the area of Lappeenranta

- Project setup

  • Project setup on IDE
  • Express server and generator for project
  • Import the Open Data of sport facilities (in CSV) into our database

- Idea presentation

Day 2, Tuesday

- Sport Facility front-end

  • Display all the types of sport facilities
  • Integrate Google Maps JavaScript API
  • Add all the facilities to the map.

- Facility back-end

  • Implement READ operation from database

Day 3, Wednesday

- Facility front-end

  • Display facilities in the map.

- Facility back-end *Improve READ operation from database

- Event back-end

  • Start
  • Implement CRUD operations

- Event front-end

  • Start
  • Create page with bootstrap

Day 4, Thursday

- About us

  • Design using Bootstrap.

- Contact us

  • Design using Bootstrap.

- Front-end

  • Make all the sites totally responsible. Testing using Mozilla Firefox.

Day 5, Friday

  • Fixing small problems and create new ones in the CSS…missing tag caused problem into the presentation.
  • Presentation.
  • End of the Code Camp.

Post-Code Camp

- Solve minor bugs.

- Include the request of a password to edit the events (on the first version, the user had to remember the ID of the event).

- Implement CRUD operations.

- Fix some small problem on the responsible design.

- Create documentation.

- Meeting with the lecturer.

  • Fix the documentation.
  • Create public documentation for the API.