Project Erlangen (Assignment Manager)

Group 1

Group Members Main Responsibility
Aitor Brazaola Coding
Behnaz Norouzi Content
Eduard Telezhnikov Design
Rohan Durugkar Coding

Repository can be found here: GitHub


Based on the second option listed by the organizers:

  • Create an app or a web UI where the manufacturer can manage his subcontractors.

The mobile application is an assignment manager which enables the manufacturers to create customized assignments with many combinations of subcontractor companies and see it in a friendly way using dashboard statistics and also to read the latest feedback given from the final customers depending on the assignment selected.


(Least Critical) 1-2-3-4-5 (Most Critical)

Feature Priority
Assignment creation 4
Subcontractors list 3
Charts of subcontractors performance 5
Listing recent customer feedback 3
Native-like user interface 2

Mini Goals

  1. Coding fetching of data from JSON objects,
  2. Designing a responsive, modern and native-like interface,
  3. Coding and displaying charts,
  4. Making prototype for addition of pipelines and subcontractors.

Screen Shots

Implementation Comments

The application works with fake data stored in a JSON object, it is supposed to be working with a REST-service back-end which was not implemented at the Code Camp.

The technologies used in the implementation are:

For developing the project we have used the following tools:





How to Run

For running on PhoneGap Developer app

  1. Download the code from GitHub
  2. Install NodeJS
  3. Install PhoneGap typing sudo npm install -g phonegap on a terminal window
  4. Having in the same WiFi network the computer and the phone, executing in a terminal placed on the code folder phonegap serve
  5. Download the iOS or Android free PhoneGap application from the store and type the IP on the corresponding field.


We have successfully implemented some of the features as demanded by the Business Case. The team was highly motivated and we worked with the 'Code Camp' spirit. Some of us learned new development techniques and they will surely help us in our future projects. We successfully completed our 'mini goals'.