Smooth by team WeAreSmooth

Group 2

Group Member Main Responsibility
Ilkka Tommola Backend
Hatef Shamshiri Frontend
Michal Micor App sketch & Presentation
Razaq Shonubi Design & Documentation


Main idea of a project is to provide manufacturer app allowing to receive feedback from customers related to provided service and product quality. Performance of subcontractor is strongly affecting manufacturer opinion, as they are direct provider of service to customer. Therefore It is required to control subcontractor performance by collecting detailed feedback from customers. It is achieved by service based on app collecting feedback from customers and storing data in database for further analysis. Manufacturer can inspect subcontractor performance and based on that decide which subcontractors should provide service to customers.


1 = most critical or core .. least critical or core feature

Feature Priority
Intuitive and friendly user interface. 1
Extremely easy configuration – no need to edit any files to get it ready. 3
Built-in cloud9 3
Manufacturer can create assignments 1
Manufacturer can add subcontractors to assignments 1
Manufacturer can send feedback requests to customers 1
Subcontractor can see a “scorecard” of his performance via app 1


The goals for the project is to develop a mobile application or a web page for a manufacturer in order for their customers to be able to give a feedback about their products and services. Aside from creating a UI for their customers, there will be a platform where the manufacturer can manage their subcontractors activities. In addition, the manufacturer will be able to create an assignments of adding/deleting subcontractors. And be able to choose a customer to give a feedback request. Also on the manufacturer page, there will be availability of a scoreboard in viewing the assignment and another for all their subcontractors. There will also be a platform where the subcontractor can as well browse through feedbacks for their services and see a “scorecard” of their performance.

Screen shots

Implementation Comments

Included technologies:

  • PhoneGap
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery Mobile
  • JQuery
  • PostgreSQL
  • jRate
  • CanvasJS
  • PHP



  • Complete repository snapshot was well beyond this wiki's 2 MiB file size limit and we had to remove some files manually from js/ directory in order to be able to upload code package here. Hopefully nothing essential is missing.
  • Fetching/inputting data from/to database was (pretty much) fully implemented, but since the free version of doesn't keep services running, it is very unlikely that backend at is running. In that case you can install PostgreSQL database in your own workspace by
  1. Starting postgres: “sudo service postgresql start
  2. Installing PostgreSQL database: cd to www/backend/ and use command “sudo sudo -u postgres psql codecamp_feedback <codecamp-feedback.sql
  3. Starting Apache server and
  4. Fixing URLs pointing to in each HTML file.



To summarize our project, we can describe it as complete modular system, based on server with database and mobile application performing their roles. Apps can be modified and upgraded anytime, without affecting entire system. Even as a prototype, apps are allowing to perform actions as normal app, making the whole system fully operational, despite it early development stage. This feature gives huge advantage and benefit in developing systems and apps like these. Developers can introduce product to client and test if it suits customer needs by providing emulation of raw functionalities, even before they start working on app dedicated for particular mobile hardware. Moreover, any application created using this method can be quickly and easily deployed to any platform that is supported by PhoneGap.