TEAM Members

Group Member Student Number
Mansoureh Rousta 0444957
Naeem Ahmad Sattar 0460122
Meher Yar Khan 0460258
Jai Kumar 0460070

What is ZEROS

To motivate your customers to come and give their feedbacks about subcontractors is now easy, fun and possible. Customers do not prefer to use an application and filling the boring forms for nothing. If they feel after filling forms they will earn benefits they try to enter to ZEROS and give their feedback about subcontractors otherwise acting as non-technical people can harm the company. With ZEROS it is possible for customers while they are sending their feedbacks they receive a luck number to participate in lottery of the company. The main purpose is to make motivation for customers, in addition, administration and management subcontractors as online tool has been declared.



ZEROS is a web application mobile friendly developed during the CodeCamp- winter2015 in Lappeenranta University of Technology.

The most important thing which we have considered is “The Customer Does Not Care About Your Value Chain!”Sub partners and subcontractors can seriously damage the reputation of the manufacturer. The main reason why ZEROS wanted to develop this project is because we wanted to create a network of companies for its clients, where seeking additional services and new subcontractors would be less risky for clients due to community feedback and insurer’s risk data. With ZEROS's feedback form functionalities, the Manufacturer can see how specific subcontractors are performing because Customers don’t care if they experience bad service due to low-quality contractors. Outsourcing partners represent the Manufacturer to customers. Aiming to create a network for clients to easily seek additional services and subcontractors in reduced-risk environments. In addition, gathering data directly from the previous clients and the insurer's risk data.




S/N GOAL Implemented
1 Implement Mobile app based on phoneGap Yes
2 Motivate customers by lottery option Yes
3 Customer feedback form Yes
4 Random Luck numbers assign Yes
5 Lottery Results table Yes
6 Managing subcontractors page Yes
7 Create an assignment form Yes
8 Add subcontractors to assignments form Yes
9 ScoreBand page Yes
10 Browse feedback form for subcontractors Yes
11 ScoreBand page for subcontractors Yes


  • IDE: Cloud9
  • PhoneGap - HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • jquery Mobile
  • PHP
  • MySql



Presentation and Report



Sample Code

  <div data-role="panel" id="left-panel">
        <ul data-role="listview">
        	<li data-icon="delete"><a href="#" data-rel="close">Close</a></li>
        	<li data-icon="home"><a href="#one">Dashboard</a></li>
        	<li data-icon="comment"><a href="#">Customer Feedback</a></li>
        	<li data-icon="eye"><a href="#login1" >Manage SubContractors</a></li>
        	<li data-icon="star"><a href="#login2" >ScoreBand</a></li>
		<li data-icon="check"><a href="#lottery" >Lottery Results</a></li>

Post-Code Camp

  • Contact Center Optimization: Branches
  • Sales force transformation: e.g. Life insurance
  • Mobile sales automation: Salesperson
  • Social Monitoring: adopting social technology
  • Concentration on digitalization of CRM“