Qt Fish

  1. Jukka Stranden
  2. Marko Suhonen
  3. Antti Jäppinen


Fishermen like to know where and what kind of fishes they catch. Because it's too boring to catch the same (kind of) fish all the time. This Qt Fish -application tries to solve that problem. It will keep track of the fishes and where the fisherman got those from. Application should take location and notes for the fish. It should also take following information: date, time, weight, length. The user can share the information with others, or just save it so they can use it on a computer or mobile phone. User can change the settings : FTP settings where they will connect, what database (XML-file) will be used.


Feature Priority
Location for the fish 1
Note for the fish 1
View/Edit/delete data 1
Change settings (FTP, XML-file) 1
Sharing the information 2

Implementation Plan and Goals

Qt modules: network, xml, declarative, script, gui, core

QT       += core gui network xml

S60 capabilities: NetworkServices, Location, ReadUserData, WriteUserData,

TARGET.CAPABILITY += Location NetworkServices ReadUserData WriteUserData 
Implementation Priority Implemented?
Location for the fish 1 Done
Note for the fish 1 Done
View the data 1 Done
Edit data 1 Done
Delete data 1 Done
Save setting for application 1 Done
Save info in XML-file 1 Done
Send XML-file over FTP 2 Done
Get XML-file (FTP) 2 Done

We used SVN in projects.forum.nokia.com/home


(Adding more later, still uncompleted.. )

Screen shots

Main screen

Main screen

FTP : to download or upload files

Add Fish: adding fish to database

Options :Satelite info, rename database, settings

Rename database dialog

From MainViews “Options”-SoftKey user can change database name

Setting dialog

From MainViews “Options”-SoftKey user can change settings

Satelite dialog

User can start update position and the satellite. And check location from the map :

Location for the fish is also shown.

FTP Dialog

File dialog

Add fish dialog

User can add fish location, name, weight , date and time. Also a note. And GPS is saved also to the fish location.

Project Artefacts

Presentation slides

Report document

Source Package

How to run software

Install qtfish.sis to your Symbian touch device. It requires QtMobility 1.0 and Qt 4.6.2 libraries to be installed.

When running the application, if soft keys are not visible in the simulator, set DEFINES -= _MAEMOBUILD in project file to DEFINES += _MAEMOBUILD to switch from soft keys to visible buttons in most dialogs.


Qt is nice easy software to make applications (mostly because SIGNAL's and SLOT's). The emulator on other hand seem to be working on some computers differently. And because of this we had some problem, for example in the softbuttons seemed to work only one of us (3 different computers). Also some problems occurred when we implemented ftp, and that probably was also because emulator..