grp3 - Easy Contact

  1. Nina Korjus
  2. Saeedeh Mehrouzi



Elder wants to contact her children, nurse etc. easily. Reasons:

  • As the childen are worried about their old parents the old persons are often worried about their children. It is important to get the information that everything is ok.
  • Elder may also have some special needs for example from a healthcare person.


  • simple and easy-to-use interface
  • no needs for typing (pre-written SMS and e-mail, voicemail)
  • pressing button once starts automated functions


  • show the images of the children as pushbuttons
  • press image to get Easy Contact View
  • press image to call
  • if no anser send SMS automatically
  • press icon to send email
  • press icon to send voicemail
  • record voice
  • send voice message


Upload and attach couple screenshots of application



Our idea was to create an easy tool for elders. We also wanted to keep the implementation as simple as possible. We defined functions and started to implement those one by one. The implementation was not easy even for simple features. For example to create the functionality “call→if no answer→send sms) took several hours. But at the end we are satisfied with our solution and implementation.