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Sun Clock


  • Anna Osipova
  • Joonas Pohjala


  • To create a simple and fun app
  • To educate people un sun clocks and nature laws


  • Smartphones have GPS and can work as compasses
  • If a phone knows where north is, it can also know where the sun is
  • Why not make a fun clock?
  • Sun clock is on of the oldest types of clocks


  • The phone can't know where the sun is without knowing the time
  • it is complicated to calculate more accurate sun position based on latitude
  • GPS works better outdoors for obvious reasons

Sun Clock


  • Shows a cool sun clock (baesd on the old sun clock located in Sevastopol)
  • Turns the clock to face the right direction as it would be faced as a real sun clock, if you turn the phone the clock turns to still be facing in the right direction
  • The shadow shows current time



  • JavaScript
  • Visual Studio 2012
  • PhoneGap