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  1. Artem Anchugov
  2. Saeedeh Mehrouz
  3. Naseer Ahmad


  • To provide an online platform where companies can introduce themselves globally.
  • Fair trade facility, by eliminating the middle man and providing producers with the oppertunity to link themselves directly with the consumers.
  • Utilizing potential of people by providing them a facility to advertise themselves online.
  • Providing SMES, a mean to get in touch with bigger organizations, and climb up the leader by utilizing their experiences.

Main Features

  1. Company registeration
  2. Profile page
    • Unordered List ItemCompany can display their interests and fields of experties
    • Aims and objectives
    • What a company can provide and what a company is in need of.
  3. Feedbacks from other companies/customers
  4. Private messages between two companies
  5. Company announcements.
  6. Can mark registered company as inappropriate
  7. Search by name/region
  8. sort by
    1. Category
    2. Ranking
    3. Region
  9. Automated system on the bases of requirements and services, displaying potential partners/buyers/customers

Presentation net_code_camp_2011.pptx

Documentation social_network_for_companies.pdf

Brochure brushore.pdf



Instructions To Run The Code

  1. Download and unzip and db.zp
  2. If you are using Visual Studio 2010*, open the solution.
  3. For database there are several options:
    • Place DB files(both *.mdf and *.ldf) on C:\ drive in folder named “sncdb”
    • Place DB files(both *.mdf and *.ldf) in any other folder on your PC, AND edit the connection string in Settings.settings file in project called “DA” wich is the part of solution. Also, file “Web.config” in website project called “Web”(second project in solution) have to be edited. There connection strings have to point to the database.
    • Attach database to SQL Server and, again, change the connecton strings mentioned above
  4. To run the project** in Visual Studio 2010 just hit F5 button(or CTRL+F5). Or from “Debug” menu select “Start Debugging”
  5. The solution will not open in Visual Studio 2008
  6. If you want to run the project under IIS web server instead of Visual Studio's built-in dev-server, you'll need to attach “Web” folder to IIS server as a website.