HTML5+JS Code Camp 2013

Code Camp Weekend: Friday 14.6. - Saturday 15.6.2013 Room no: 6218

CT10A9700 Summer School on Communications Engineering (2 cr)

Learn to program HTML5 game for tablet devices and demonstrate your coding skills in an intense coding session! There will be demo projects for starting, technology tutorial and several Windows 8 tablets for testing. For advanced programmers there is the additional, optional challenge of multiplayer network programming using HTML5 websockets.

News & Notes

  • See the QETA system for questions and answers
  • Course starts this Friday!
  • A websocket server will be provided by the course, but you can also get free Azure computing time for five months by asking

Code Camp Weekend

Location 6218 basement computer lab

  • Start time on Friday 14.6.2013 at 10:00
  • Technology briefing is from 10:00 to 12:00
  • Lunch and group forming 12:00 - 13:00
  • Coding 13:00 → until Saturday's presentations
  • Presentations on Saturday 10:00 - 12:00

Feedback times and return deadlines

To be announced (return for deadlines roughly two weeks after the course weekend)


Two (to three) person teams:

Group Application Name 1 Name 2 Name 3
Group 1 Canon vs Sheep Nikos Paraschou Mihai Iusan Poorang Vosough
Group 2 App Name Name 1 Name 2
Group 3 App Name Name 1 Name 2
Group 4 App Name Name 1 Name 2
Group 5 App Name Name 1 Name 2
Group 6 App Name Name 1 Name 2

Requirements for projects

  • Release and present a program that uses HTML5 canvas and JavaScript
  • Return a poster and a five page report /or/ a published Windows 8 app

Return requirements for groups and the return schedule

  • On Saturday, at the end of the course, you need to have
    • Five minute presentation about your program (idea, motivation, goals, technology used, what was actually implemented etc.)
    • Five minute demonstration of your working program
    • = Total presentation time of 10 minutes
    • Done your wiki page and linked it to this one. Use this or this as an example
      • Group members
      • Idea
      • Motivation
      • Features
      • Tech
      • Some explanatory charts optionally
      • Link to your source code repository, or have the project in the wiki page

Discussion and the Q&A


Programming experience(I hope you all have some…if not..then you'll have one during this code camp) and of course learning INTEREST is the most.

Can I prepare to Code Camp ?

Yes. During code camp week we will brainstorm a software idea, design it and code it. Getting good ideas might sometimes be hard and thinking about different ideas before code camp makes it faster to get into coding part.

I have an exam in Code Camp week ?

You are free to go exam, but code camp in intensive course and idea is to focus coding during the well, so it is recommended you prepare to exam before the code camp week.

Grading ?

Grading 1-5 from

  • Idea and presentation of the Idea in wiki: 25%
  • Coding of the implementation: 25%
  • Presentation: 10%
  • Code Camp Spirit: 20%
  • Code camp Report 20%

Publish in the app store to at least double the coding section grading. (+ 1-2 grades)

More ?

If you have questions about code camp send email to Antti Knutas (

Helpful Links

What is Code Camp ?

Code Camp is a learning and hacking experience. The code camp approach can be defined as a collaborative learning setting that aims to promote profession-oriented skills. In code camp, the term camp refers to a situation where students assemble and stay a while together. The term code refers to coding, i.e. writing computer programs.


Registration link is on the front page.