grp4 - INFO-PIC

  1. Karki Bandana – 0361959 – LUT
  2. Fatemeh ahmadi zeleti – 0361739 – LUT
  3. Tuomas Kuitunen – 0237788 – LUT


INFO-PIC WHAT: Is a Maemo application in which you can share information of any construction site (Ex: Broken Item, walls, and any other problem with the construction) and attached to its picture taken.

WHY: Save time and money, faster and effective communication, reduces an unnecessary queries, provides as clear as possible information

HOW: Picture of the item will be taken by the camera, and information will be attached as a comment to the picture and will be sent to the recipient. (Ex: Head engineer in charge, or any other trusted person who can give idea)

Introduction Presentation


Final Presentation: info-pic_final.pdf


Upload and attach couple screenshots of application



24 Hours code camp is a very perfect and nice experience. working with the team members and other teams, staying for the night, and experiencing new programming language and sharing ideas makes it much more incredible as you can ever imagine.

Maemo doesnt seems to be hard and complicated, but its a nice programming environment that never let you feel bored.