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  • Anna Osipova
  • Joonas Pohjala


  • To help practise piano easily
  • To make piano a fun game
  • To make waking up to alarms more fun and less routine
  • To share you piano achievements with friends
  • To contribute to creativity


PianoAlarm shares two different main features. One is the piano (or guitar, bassguitar, drums) playing, with different melodies and different skill levels, exercises and points awarded based on your performance.

Other main feature is the alarm. You can choose a melody for the alarm or the melody can be randomly chosen from your skill level. When the alarm goes off it can't be shut down unless you play the melody just right. PianoAlarm can also be used to schedule work breaks that can help you relax with some music playing.


The main motivation to use this app is to learn playing instruments easily. You can also make waking up and working a little easier by this app.


Finished features:

  • Playing piano
  • Playing example melodies
  • Checking if player plays correctly

Unfinished features:

  • Alarms
  • Other instruments


  • Playing instruments and learning to play them isn't easy
  • You should practise very often to play well
  • Also waking up might be hard
  • When working long, creativity decreases


We are developing our PianoAlarm for Windows 8 tablets. Our techniques:

  • C#
  • Visual studio 2012
  • Windows 8
  • .Net for Windows Store Apps