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Pool Game

Group 2::

Tulibako Paiti

Nicolas Goulet


The idea behind this project is to q game of pool that will take advantqge of with multitouch devices functionnalities. The game will follow the basic rules of pool and will be played using a touch screen to navigate the application and play.


The plan is to implement the following functionnalities: -Follow the rules of pool - Support of 2 players - Usable with Touchscreen - Eventually implement some bonus points system and some cool sounds

Development Plan

The development of the project is made in different phases, each one followed by a phase of testing. Here are the objectives for each phase.

1st phase : Have a game working with one stick and one ball

2nd phase : Add a second ball in the game

3rd phase : Add the holes to the table and the scoring of points

4th phase : Add a 2nd player and multiple balls

5th phase : Integrate the graphics and sounds

6th phase : Implement the more advanced features