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Air Hockey

Group 3

  • Tatu Huttunen
  • Rasmus Halsas
  • Poorang Vosough


Air Hockey is a game for multi-touch surfaces. There are two targets and one ball in the screen. Each player is identified with a paddle. Players will be able to move their paddles at the same time and they need to hit the ball and lead it to the opponent's target. At the end, the team who has scored more goals is the winner. The first version of this game is supposed to be developed for two players. However, in next versions it can be expanded to four players.


From the beginning of developing the Air-Hockey game, our motivation was publishing it in the market. In this case, we put our best effort to create such a bug-free game application which is interesting enough for the market.


Our AirHockey game has these features:

  • Touch screen environments provided for the users both in menu and game modes.
  • The game will last for 5 minutes by default. However, users can change time limit for the game to 10 and 15 minutes in the setting menu.
  • By default the game will last until one player scores 4 scores (goals). However, users can change limit for scores (goals) in setting menu out of 4, 8, and 10 goals.
  • Based on the defined time and goals limit, the game will be ended and the winner will be announced in the GAME OVER page.
  • GAME OVER page also provides MAIN MENU option for the users in the case they want to play again.
  • Users can select game environment in the setting menu out of Hockey mode and Soccer mode.
  • The game environment and sound effects make the game interesting for the users.

Technologies Used

  • XNA/Monogame
  • C#
  • Visual studio 2012
  • Windows 8