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Code Camp

Code Camp is a learning and hacking experience. The code camp approach can be defined as a collaborative learning setting that aims to promote profession-oriented skills. In code camp, the term camp refers to a situation where students assemble and stay a while together. The term code refers to coding, i.e. writing computer programs. During a code camp, students write programs together, solve problems related to their work together, eat together and even might relax together in a sauna.

This page is a portal that compiles information about all the Code Camps that are going on at LUT and cooperating universities. Usually at LUT there is one or two Code Camps for each semester (fall, spring and summer). Course signup method depends on the arranging organisation and persons. Please read more information and the find the sign up link about each Code Camp in its individual section. Also, check out our Facebook community at !

Current Code Camps

Upcoming Code Camps:

Week Date Topic Course ID (cr) More information
Week 3 20.1. - 22.1.2017 Global Game Jam
FGJ CodeCamp 2017 pages
CT10A7040 - Code Camp (4op) Participate to the Lappeenranta event of the Finnish Game Jam! You get the credits by 1. Signing up to the event in Eventbrite 2. Giving your student details in LUT sign-up form 3. Participate to the event full time 4. Participate to the project presentations in late January.
More information was broadcasted on a webcast on 13.1. at 13:00. Recording of the cast and the course info PDF with requirements is posted on the course page (link on the left). Remember to sign up to the FGJ event before all places are reserved!
Week 6 8-9.2.2017 (Wednesday & Thursday) Digitalization & Innovation
(Two companies, Hub logistics & VR are offering support and more specific topic areas for participants)
CT10A7040 - Code Camp (3op) The companies choose a certain number of teams to this event. Apply to join with the application form.
Find more information in the event description.
This is a really great opportunity to work on innovation challenges with major companies! The event is at Holiday Club Saimaa. Selected teams have free transportation, lodging and mentoring by the companies. Opportunity to talk about summer jobs and thesis work topics, also possibility to get past interviews and job lines (choose your words carefully in your application form, it will count!) • Free access on 2 day DigiKaappaus seminar (presenter like Anssi Vanjoki (LUT), Timo Vuorensola (Iron Sky movie director), Johanna Pystönen (Vincit) and others on stage. Please note, at least some presentation will be in Finnish.
Week 9 27.2-3.3.2017 (Monday - Friday) Home Automation CT10A7040 - Code Camp This course is for the Perccom students. Home automation camp teaches you how to use technology to control your home for energy savings. Course pages HERE
Weeks 19-21 May 14-26 2017 SHIP Distruption CodeCamp It is possible to transfer 5ECTS credits, inquire before participating SHIP Distruption Camp is arranged in Kotka, Finland by XAMK and Cursor with Google and others. More information and join application HERE
Weeks 22-31 29.5-31.7.2017 Summer project camp 10 - 14 ECTS credits IT kesäleiri (Summer Project Camp, SPC) tarjoaa ensimmäisen vuoden opiskelijoille työelämäkokemusta ohjelmointihaasteiden parissa. Tietotekniikan ja laskennallisen tekniikan opiskelijat pystyvät edistämään opintojaan ja kehittämää osaamistaan kesän aikana työskentelemällä ohjatusti SPC:llä normaalien työelämän pelisääntöjen mukaisesti. Kandidaatin tutkinto-ohjelman ensimmäisen vuoden opiskelijoiden työtehtävät painottuvat toisen vuoden kurssien suorittamiseen kesän aikana ja kursseihin liittyvät harjoitustyöt tullaan tekemään yhtenä isompana projektina. DI-ohjelman ensimmäisen vuoden opiskelijoille tarjotaan haastavampia ohjelmointiprojekteja ja opiskelijat pystyvät suorittamaan työharjoittelun lisäksi vapaavalintaisia projektikursseja. SPC:n kokonaisuudessaan hyväksyttävästi suorittavat opiskelijat tekevät kahden kuukauden aikana vähintään 10 ECTS:n verran tutkintoon sopivia opintoja sekä saavat työtodistuksen aktiivisesta osallistumisestaan SPC:hen. More information and how to apply see:: Ohjeet kandi opiskelijat: 2017_it_kesaleiri.pdf Instructions for MSc. students: 2017it_summer_project_camp.pdf Last date to send application for the camp is April 13th 2017

More questions? Ask Antti Knutas. (

Past Code Camps:

  • Otso Case Code Camp, 24.10.2016 - 28.10.2016 (CT10A7040 Code Camp, 4 cr) - A business case -based Code Camp with a local company, LTC Otso. Brainstorm and bring out your most creative ideas for the health and wellbeing sector! Develop new application for engaging user to improve his / her or the team/company health and wellbeing. Application should encourage user to perform actions that are beneficial for health purposes. This can be walking, exercising, dieting, regular sleeping, mindfulness anything you can think of! The application could be either web application or mobile app. You can work with any prototyping tool you are familiar with from React to Unity.
    • We start on Monday 24.10. in the Linux classroom at 09:30AM and conclude by Friday afternoon with project presentations.
    • Signup for the course in order to receive updates and materials! Sign up HERE
    • Course pages open by the end of week 42. Course is on week 43 from Monday to Friday.
    • If you have questions or comments, write to Antti Knutas (
    • See course pages: Otso Case 2016 pages
  • 5.8. - 7.8.2016 - Gadget CodeCamp - see Gadget CodeCamp 2016 pages
  • Gamification Protocamp, 18.4.-22.4.2016 (Independent part of CT60A8000 Game Development Project, 2 cr) - A short, one week protocamp where the concept is to design a gamified service or product, or application for Serious Games or Games for Health, and develop the first proof-of-concept prototype either by programming work, visual design, paper mockups, interactive play, balladic rock-opera, or any other way you consider feasible!
    • No prior programming experience needed!
    • No pre-signup, just show up on the introduction lecture and start designing!
    • Recommended especially for the student enrolled on the course CT30A5110 Gamification - from Concepts to Implementations
    • More info at “CT60A8000 Game Development Project” Noppa-pages.
  • Sustainability Code Camp, 29.2. - 4.3.2016 (Week 9) (Code Camp on Platform Based Application Development, 4 cr) - Code Camp on sustainability with a visiting Professor Olaf Droehagen from Hartz University, Germany. Development platform and theme is home automation. No signup. Just arrive to Linux-classroom 6218 on Monday 29.2. at 9:00 AM.

Upcoming Code Camps and Courses

Registration for these Code Camps is open or going to open soon

Previous Code Camps

Code Camps that have been finished this year

Gadget Code Camp - August 2016

Gadget Code Camp – Hacking Technology (1 cr)
72h weekend: 5.8. - 7.8.2016

More information and schedule: Gadget CodeCamp 2016 pages

There's a weekend-long Gadget Code Camp at Lappeenranta University of Technology! Brainstorm and bring out your most creative ideas! Develop for all sorts of gadgets from eye trackers to brainwave scanners. We will bring out all the exotic gadgets that the IT department has collected into its storage through the years. What's the most creative you can implement with these devices? The weekend event will be held at the university beachfront sauna.

Course arrangements and news, in brief:

  • Location: LUT Beachfront Sauna
  • Main contact persons are Antti Knutas (
  • Bring your own laptop (no PCs available)

See the summer school description at . (For summer school participants - everyone can sign up for the Gadget Code Camp, even if you are not participating in the summer school!)

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