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Treasure Hunt


Member Responsibilities
Tatu Huttunen Project manager, GUI, implementing features
Joonas Pohjala GPS & coordinate stuff, features
Rasmus Halsas Images, coding


Pre presentation

Final presentation


The games idea is to create adventure to everyday life. No matter where you are or what time of day or year it is, you can use Treasure Hunt. Just take your phone and push “New goal”. Get your feet on move and at the same time learn basic usage of coordinates on this location-based game. You get just your current coordinates and the coordinates of your goal. Finding the goal will give you XP needed to get to higher levels. On higher levels the distance grow.


Well, at first our greatest motivation was to create at least something, that would be usefull to anybody. We invented that it could be some kind of location based game, and we started to develop the idea. We wanted to make something different and so the coordinates came in. Rest of the App was quite easily invented. There was so many ideas to add, but we desided to get the basics to work first and then add functionalities if we'd have time. We are that kind of type people, that either we do something well, or we don't do it at all.


  • Adding new goal
  • Tracking location
  • Informing, when user has found the destination


  • C#
  • Windows phone 8
  • Visual Studio 2012
  • Windows Phone 8 SDK
  • Blend for Visual Studio
  • GIMP


  • Invent the game logic
  • Make basic-functionalities to work
  • Add some extra (levels, distances, finding-goal treasures…)
  • Work on GUI and functionalities and get them work properly


Biggest problem on the App is, that user can't know where the next goal is. It can be in a easy place or in the middle of a see or in a house. On the other hand, it makes this game a little more adventurous and extreme. On the developing process biggest problems were on testing. There's no way to test magnetometer without a phone, which we don't have. We can just trust in our code, that it works. There is thou the alternative, that it randomizes the direction. That isn't bad either. Problems have also been on handling interruptions, calculating new coordinates and getting the GUI to work good and look great at the same time.