Motto & poster

  • Simple is pretty and we are pretty simple!

Group members

Group 6

Group Member Main Responsibilities
Mika Savolainen Executive Lead Programmer
Juuso Perttilä Master of Project & Lead Designer


  • Our idea for this app is to help in the selling of insurances. This app removes the need of memorizing prices and filling paperwork before getting the possible customer exited to make a deal.
  • Our product is best as a sort of roll-in service used by the insurance salesman. The seller can make quick and easy calculation on how much a person would save money by switching their insurance company.
  • The product must be so fast that a bypasser won't get frustrated because the calculations take too much time.


  • Calculate a possible price for insurance
  • Send the information and the price to a salesman
  • Leave a contact request


Our motivation is to create a practical application and to increase our knowledge of coding.


Visual Studio 2013, Photoshop

Prototype & report & final product