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Earth Defence Deluxe


Kimmo Bordi 0372074

Arttu Tolvanen 0372304


We wanted to make something simple, considering our somewhat limited knowledge in JS and HTML5 technologies. Also, we wanted to have a learning experience at the CodeCamp. This lead us to make a game, so we could have a blast while we learn the technologies!

The basic idea was a touch-based reaction game. This initial concept evolved and improved quite a lot during the development stages.


To learn to use the technologies and explore the possibilities and performance of JS on mobile devices and natively with PhoneGap.


  • Defend the Earth from certain destruction!
  • Touch and mouse controls.
  • Score and combo system.
  • Increasing difficulty level.
  • Scalable to different screen sizes.
  • Delta timing


Plain JavaScript without extra components like jQuery and a HTML5 canvas element.

Available on Google Play and Windows Phone Store in the near future.

Live demo:

Source code for evaluation: