Group 1

Group Member Main Responsibilities
Otto Laitinen Lead front end developer
Joonas Pohjala Special features, front end
Juhana Repo UI, front end
Tatu Virta UI, front end


Our idea was to create an insurance sale app which LTC-Otso wanted us to do. We managed to program all the three priorities. We also added possibility to make a new offer to the old customer. Our highly hyped special feature is barcode reader. Our app is able to read any kind of barcode, mainly social security number and S-bonus card.


Day What to do
Monday Brainstorming and prototyping
Tuesday Setting everything up, Coding, UI
Wednesday Coding, UI
Thurday Coding, UI, finish everything
Friday Presentation


We want to show what we can do. Paavos are two time Code Camp winners and we'll try to win this one also. We had a big group, so we need to do something special. As mentioned in the idea section, we were able to program the barcode-feature, which is kinda awesome.


  • Customers are able to make home insurance contracts with us. Data will be saved in Otso database.
  • Customers are able to join “spam list”, so they will be contacted later about insurances they are interested in by email or phone.
  • Old customers are able to do a new contract with us.
  • We can recognize old customers by scanning the ID-card and they can join loyality program with S-card.
  • Local database with social security numbers and bonus card numbers.


Visual Studio 2013 (C#, JSON.NET, XAML), GitHub, MarvelApp, Adobe Illustrator CC, CorelDRAW X6


Software Poster and Demo Video

Presentation and Project Report

Presentation (PPTX): paavoinsurances_slides.pptx

Presentation (PDF): paavoinsurances_slides.pdf

Project report (PDF): otso_project_report_group_1.pdf