Match Pairs

Group 1

  • Poorang Vosough 0392601
  • Alireza Adli 0406160



  • Finding a fun way to teach some key Finnish words for other nations children.
  • Also it can be used as a part of a language learning application for any language


  • Team motivation was to review CSS skills and find out some differences between HTML5 and old HTML versions
  • Moreover, to get familiar with Javascript in practice.
  • Coding in Visual Studio on Windows 8 platform

What is Match Pairs

  • Match Pairs is a card match application. User opens the Match Pairs, after clicking on play button s/he will find out whole set of 12 cards. S/he should find the similar card of the one s/he opened by clicking on different options. It will finish after finding all the similar cards.
  • Cards are set of Finnish words for some fruits, food and public transportation with their picture, so it will be a language training for children.


  • Starting page
  • Game page
  • Deck of 12 cards
  • Fruits with Finnish meanings (cards backside)
  • Food with Finnish meaning (Card backside)
  • Bus with Finnish meaning (Card backside)
  • Drink with Finnish meaning (Card backside)


  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Visual Studio
  • Windows 8


Source code